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The Benefits of Porcelain Countertops

Resistant to Stains
Porcelain is difficult to stain due to its non-porous nature and extremely low moisture absorption rate.

Heat Resistance
Porcelain is fired between 2200 and 26000 degrees Fahrenheit, making it extremely heat resistant. If you place a hot pan directly on top of it, you won't damage the surface. You can also use it as a cooktop using gas burners or induction heat (installed under the countertop).

Porcelain is not only resistant to heat and cold (below freezing temperatures) due to its moisture resistance, but it is also UV-resistant. Even when exposed to direct sunlight, it will not fade or lose its color.

Keeping Your Countertops Clean
Porcelain does not necessitate any special care. A damp microfiber cloth is ideal for everyday use. Furthermore, a neutral detergent or cream cleanser should remove the majority of what is left on the surface, including grease, resins, and permanent marker.

Excellent for Shower Walls
While very durable, porcelain is a lighter product than granite and quartz, with the added option of 6mm in many colors. As a result, it is an excellent product to use on your walls for a dramatic effect without adding weight to your structure. 

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