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Is porcelain good for shower walls?

Is porcelain good for shower walls?
Porcelain tile, which is made from finer clay and fired at higher temperatures than standard ceramic tile, would be an excellent choice for a shower. Porcelain tile is thus harder, more durable, and less porous than regular ceramic tile. This last feature is important in a shower because it indicates that porcelain tile absorbs less water than other types of ceramic tile.

Is Porcelain Or Ceramic Tile Better For Showers?
Porcelain and ceramic tiles are two popular materials in modern shower design. Although porcelain and ceramic appear to be similar on the surface, they differ significantly in terms of water absorbability, and durability. 

Because of their water resistance, porcelain tiles are the preferred choice in showers. 

Most homeowners prefer to install porcelain tiles in their shower.

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